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Jaha Drilling and Construction Company Limited is a leading player in the water drilling and construction industry in Tanzania. Our services range from construction, borehole drilling, water treatment, water supply and irrigation system installation  in both urban and rural areas.

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Jaha Water Drilling and Construction Company Limited is a company that takes pride in its advocacy for sustainable development in Tanzania. We believe that the work we do contributes to the growth of the country in a meaningful and impactful way, and that is why we take our commitment to sustainability incredibly seriously. We are constantly working to improve our procedures and processes, and we strive to be a responsible and trustworthy partner to all of our clients, both present and future. Our dedication to excellence and reliability is a core part of who we are as a company, and we take every opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and professionalism. We believe that by working collaboratively with our partners, we can help to build a better future for Tanzania, one project at a time.

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We offer construction as a service to provide our clients with high-quality, safe, and reliable structures that meet their specific needs and requirements.

Water Borehole - Drilling

At JAHA we offer borehole drilling as a service to provide our clients with access to clean and reliable water sources.

Domestic Water Supply

This service involves the collection, treatment, and distribution of water to households through a network of pipelines and storage tanks.

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The trust attained from our clients it keeps us moving. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, and we believe that our success is measured by our clients’ satisfaction

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